How to Call Back a Private Number on Android

Getting a missed call from a private or unknown number on your Android phone can be frustrating.

You want to call the number back but don’t have the actual digits.

Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to return calls to private numbers on Android devices.

Methods for Calling Back Private Numbers on Android

Using Your Call History and Callbacks

Many Android phones will log private calls in your call history, even if the number is hidden. You can return these calls through your normal call history. If callbacks are enabled, you can simply tap the “Call Back” button to redial the private number.

Using Third-Party Apps

Several apps on the Google Play Store can identify private numbers. Apps like TrapCall and Caller ID by Whitepages maintain large databases of phone number information. These apps will name the caller even if your Android phone does not. You can then directly call back the private number from within the app interface.

Using Your Phone’s Network Features

Some Android phones have network features that can identify anonymous callers. For example, Verizon offers Name ID for Android which identifies private numbers from the network side. Check with your carrier to see if any services are available to detect unlisted numbers on your device.

Pros and Cons of Calling Back Private Numbers


  • Lets you return important calls
  • Prevents missing calls from unknown numbers
  • Helps identify prank or malicious callers


  • Risk of unwanted solicitation calls
  • Could be telemarketers or scammers
  • Private number may call back repeatedly


Is it illegal to call back a private number?

No, it is not illegal to call back a private or unknown number, as long as you are not making harassing calls. The other party may have their reasons for blocking their number, but you have a right to return a call you received.

Can I block private numbers on my Android?

Yes, most Android devices allow you to automatically reject incoming calls from private or unknown numbers in the phone app settings. This will send these calls directly to voicemail.

What if a private number won’t stop calling me?

If a private or blocked number is repeatedly calling you, you can report this to your local law enforcement. Telemarketers may also be fined for violating the National Do Not Call Registry.

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