How to Delete Notifications on Android

Learn how to delete notifications on your Android device with this easy step-by-step guide.

Includes details on clearing individual notifications or all notifications at once.

Why You Might Want to Delete Notifications

Notifications on your Android device can quickly pile up and clutter your notification shade.

Having too many unread notifications can make it difficult to find important alerts.

Fortunately, Android makes it easy to delete notifications you no longer need.

Here are some common reasons to delete Android notifications:

  • Clear old or irrelevant notifications
  • Remove notifications for unused apps
  • Free up space by deleting notification history
  • Keep your notification shade tidy and organized

Deleting Individual Notifications

If you only need to remove a few select notifications, you can delete them individually right from your notification shade.

Step 1: Pull Down the Notification Shade

Slide your finger down from the top of your Android screen to open the notification shade.

This will display all your current notifications.

Step 2: Locate the Notification You Want to Delete

Scroll through your notifications and locate the specific one you want to delete.

Step 3: Swipe the Notification Left or Right

Place your finger on the alert you want to remove and swipe it left or right.

This will reveal a “Clear” or “Delete” icon.

Tap it to delete that notification.

Step 4: Repeat to Delete Additional Notifications

Follow steps 2-3 to remove any other individual notifications as needed.

Deleting All Notifications at Once

If you want to clear your entire notification history in one swipe, most Android devices include an option to delete all notifications.

Step 1: Open Your Settings Menu

From your home screen, tap the Settings icon to open your device settings.

Step 2: Choose Apps & Notifications or App Info

The exact path varies by device but look for Apps & Notifications, App Manager, Application Manager, or App Info in Settings.

Step 3: Select Show Notifications

Tap into your Settings menu for a specific app.

Scroll down and select Show Notifications.

Step 4: Choose Clear All Notifications

This will display options for that app’s notification settings.

Select the option to Clear All Notifications or Clear Notification History.

Turning Off Notifications for Unused Apps

If you have apps that generate notifications you don’t need anymore, you can disable notifications altogether rather than having to repeatedly clear them.

Step 1: Go Back to the App Info/Notifications Settings

Return to the Show Notifications or App Info section for the app in question.

Step 2: Toggle Off Allow Notifications

Find the option for Allow Notifications and flip the switch to the off position.

This will prevent that app from ever sending notifications.

Adjusting Notification Settings

Beyond just deleting notifications, you can customize your Android’s notification settings to better manage alerts.

Use Do Not Disturb

Enable Do Not Disturb mode to mute or limit notifications during set times like overnight.

Set Notification Importance

Flag certain apps’ notifications as more or less important to have them show differently.

Allow/Block Notification Dots

Control whether app icons show dots to indicate waiting for notifications.

Show/Hide Sensitive Content

Havelock screen notifications show/hide private details before authentication.

FAQs About Deleting Android Notifications

Will deleting notifications also delete the related content?

No, clearing Android notifications only removes the alerts from view. It does not delete emails, messages, photos, etc. associated with those alerts. The source content will remain accessible through its related app.

Can I recover deleted notifications?

Unfortunately no. Once you delete an Android notification it is gone for good. There is no undo option or trash folder to rescue deleted notifications.

Will clearing notifications free up storage space?

Deleting old notifications can slightly improve storage availability. But most of the space used is tied to the associated app data, not the alerts themselves. Uninstalling unused apps frees up more space.

Clearing Notifications Keeps Android Running Smoothly

Letting notifications pile up can negatively impact your device’s performance over time.

Following the steps above to delete old notifications helps keep your Android running fast and clutter-free.

Deleting individual notifications or batches of alerts is simple on most Android devices.

Adjust notification settings as needed to disable unnecessary notifications from the start.

Keep your notification shade clean for the alerts that matter.

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