How to Disable the Green Dot on Android 12

Quickly learn how to disable the green dot notification indicator on Android 12 phones like Pixel 6 and Galaxy S22 with easy step-by-step instructions.

One of the visual changes introduced in Android 12 is a persistent green dot that indicates if an app has unread notifications.

While some users find this helpful, others think it’s distracting or cluttered.

Fortunately, Android 12 includes settings to disable the notification dots if you prefer a cleaner look.

Steps to Disable the Green Dot on Android 12

Turning off the notification dots only takes a few taps in your Android settings menu:

1. Open Settings

First, open the Settings menu on your Android 12 device. You can find the Settings app in your apps list or search for it.

2. Tap Notifications

Scroll down and select “Notifications” to open the notifications settings.

3. Tap Notification Dots

Next, select “Notification Dots” to access the specific green dot settings.

4. Toggle Off Notification Dots

Finally, turn the switch next to “Show Notification Dots” off. This will immediately disable the green notification dots.

That’s all there is to it! The persistent green dots will no longer appear on app icons. You can always return to Notification Dots and toggle them back on if you want the dots again later.

Pros & Cons of Disabling Notification Dots


  • Cleaner app tray without dots
  • Less visual clutter on home screen
  • Icons have a simpler, minimalist look


  • Lose at-a-glance info if you have unread notifications
  • Need to open apps to see if you have notifications


Can I selectively disable dots for some apps?

Unfortunately no, the notification dots setting affects all apps. You can’t disable dots for just some apps in Android 12.

Will this disable all notification badges?

No, only the dots will be disabled. App icons can still display numeric badges for pending notifications.

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