How to Flip a Picture on Android

Learn how to easily flip or mirror a picture on your Android device using built-in editing tools.

What Does Flipping or Mirroring a Picture Mean?

Flipping or mirroring a picture refers to reversing the image horizontally, so the left side appears on the right and vice versa.

This can be useful for getting the perfect selfie or flipping an image to face the right direction.

Why Would You Want to Flip a Picture?

Here are some common reasons for flipping or mirroring a picture on Android:

  • To get the perfect selfie when using the front-facing camera – our instincts tell us a mirrored selfie looks “right”
  • To flip a scanned document or photo to face the right direction
  • To create symmetrical images for design or art projects
  • To reverse an image when screen recording your phone’s display

How to Flip or Mirror a Picture Using Android’s Built-In Editor

The easiest way to flip a picture on Android is by using the built-in Photos or Gallery app editor:

  1. Open the photo you want to flip in your device’s Photos or Gallery app.
  2. Tap the Edit icon (looks like a pencil or pen).
  3. Tap the Crop & Rotate icon (looks like a diagonally rotated square).
  4. Tap the Flip horizontally icon (looks like two arrows pointing left and right).
  5. The image will now be flipped. Tap Save to save the changes.

That’s all there is to it! The editor in your device’s gallery app makes it quick and easy to flip photos on Android.

How to Batch Flip Multiple Pictures at Once

If you need to flip several photos at the same time, a batch editing app like Photo Editor Pro lets you easily mirror multiple pictures together:

  1. Open Photo Editor Pro and grant permission to access your photos.
  2. Tap Batch Edit.
  3. Select the photos you want to flip.
  4. Tap Flip.
  5. Confirm the changes and tap Save.

This will mirror all the selected pictures in one go, saving you time flipping images one by one!

Other Ways to Flip or Mirror Photos

Here are a couple of other quick options for flipping pictures on your Android device:

  • Use your front camera: Open the picture, switch to the front selfie camera, and take a photo of your phone’s screen to capture a mirrored version.
  • Use a third-party app: Photo editing apps like Snapseed, PicsArt, and Adobe Photoshop Express offer flip tools as well.

Tips for Flipping Pictures

  • Flipping an image won’t affect its quality or resolution.
  • Always save flipped photos as a copy – don’t overwrite your original image file.
  • Double-check the orientation, especially for scanned documents or photos you want facing a certain direction.
  • You may need to crop out edges after flipping if the aspect ratio is altered.


Can you flip a picture on Android horizontally and vertically?

Yes, most Android photo editors allow flipping photos both horizontally and vertically for maximum flexibility. Just look for horizontal and vertical flip icons when using the built-in editor.

Is there a way to batch flip photos on iPhone as well?

Yes! On iPhone, you can use the built-in Photos app to select multiple images and flip them horizontally with just a couple taps. There are also third-party batch editing apps for iOS like Enlight Pixaloop.

What happens when you flip a selfie?

Flipping a selfie taken with your front camera will mirror the image to how you normally appear in a mirror. This makes selfies look more natural to our eyes than a non-mirrored shot.

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