How to Make Your Android Phone Charge Faster

Is your Android phone taking forever to charge? With heavy use, all smartphone batteries slow down over time.

Luckily, there are some simple tricks you can try to make your Android charge faster.

Use the Right Charger and Cable

Charging speed depends largely on the charger and cable you use. The best way to fast charge an Android phone is with the charger that came in the box. These are often higher wattage “fast chargers.” You’ll also want to use the cable that came with your phone, as lower quality cables can’t deliver power as quickly.

Look for a charger labeled as a “fast charger” with an output of 15 watts or higher. Chargers that support Qualcomm QuickCharge or USB Power Delivery standards will charge your phone the fastest.

Disable Battery-Draining Features

Certain settings on your phone can slow down charging speed. Turn these off to maximize charging rates:

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Location services
  • Syncing apps
  • Brightness level

You can also put your phone in airplane mode while charging to disable all connections and transmissions.

Close All Apps

Having many apps running in the background takes power, which slows charging. Close out of all apps before plugging your phone in to charge for faster powering up.

Alternatively, you can restart your phone before charging. This will force close all apps so none are running in the background.

Use a Wall Charger Instead of a Computer

Charging from a USB port on your computer will be much slower than using a wall charger. Computer USB ports typically only output 5W, while wall chargers can be 15W or higher.

What is the fastest charging method?

Using the factory fast charger and cable that came with your phone is the fastest charging method. Look for chargers rated at 15W or more.

Will wireless charging be as fast?

No, wireless charging is typically slower than wired charging. Use a wired connection for the fastest charging speeds.

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