How to Restore Game Progress on Android

This guide will show you how to restore your game progress if you get a new Android device or need to reinstall the game app.

Back Up Game Data to Google Play Games

The easiest way to save your game progress on Android is to back up your data to your Google account using Google Play Games.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Play Games app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the “Settings” icon in the top left.
  3. Make sure “Backup game data” is enabled.

This will automatically back up app data from games synced to your Google Play Games profile. Your progress will then sync across any Android devices connected to the same Google account.

Transfer Local Game Data to New Device

If the game does not support Google Play Games backups, your progress may be saved locally on your device.

To transfer data to a new phone:

  1. Locate the Android/data folder on your old device. This contains app data saved locally.
  2. Copy the game’s data folder to cloud storage or a computer.
  3. Transfer the folder to the same location on your new device.
  4. Open the game app and your progress should be restored.

Be sure to use the exact same app version when transferring game data between devices.

Contact the Game Developer

If you cannot locate your locally saved data, contact the game developer. Many games have an account system or restoration process to recover lost progress.

Start Over As a Last Resort

If you cannot recover your previous game progress through any method, starting over may be your only option. Consider it an opportunity to replay and improve your experience!


Can I back up game progress on iPhone?

Unfortunately Google Play Games only works on Android. For iPhone, you will need to rely on iCloud backups or game-specific account systems to save your progress.

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