How to Save GIFs on Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the easy methods to save GIFs on your Android device. Follow our step-by-step instructions to download and save GIFs from any app or website to your Photo gallery or other folders.

Why You Should Save GIFs on Your Android Phone

GIFs are popular animated images that often convey emotions or reactions better than static photos.

Here are some reasons why you may want to save GIFs on your Android phone or tablet:

  • To easily share funny or interesting GIFs with friends and family
  • To reuse the same GIFs in future conversations instead of searching for them again
  • To create memes or other content by adding text or images to GIFs
  • To build up a collection of your favorite reaction GIFs over time

By saving GIFs directly on your device rather than a cloud-based app or website, you’ll have instant offline access to all your saved GIF content.

How to Save a GIF in Android’s Photos App

If you come across a great GIF while browsing the web or messaging apps, here is how to easily save it using the built-in Photos app on Android:

Step 1: Long press the GIF to bring up the context menu

In most cases like Gmail, Twitter, etc. you can long-press the GIF and a menu will pop up.

Step 2: Tap “Download image” or “Save image”

This may be labeled differently in some apps but you are looking to download or save the GIF.

Step 3: Go to Photos app > Saved Pictures folder

After downloading, you can find the saved GIF in the Saved Pictures folder of your Android Photos app so you can easily reuse it later.

Using Third-Party Android Apps to Save GIFs

While the method above utilizes Android’s built-in tools, you can also check out apps designed specifically for collecting, creating, and sharing GIFs.

Here are some top options:


GIPHY is the internet’s top source for GIFs and their Android app makes it easy to save any GIF from their massive library.

Just tap the heart icon on any GIF and it gets added to “My GIFs” for quick access later.


Similar to GIPHY, Tenor features an endless scroll of trending GIFs.

Saving here is also a heart tap away. It also lets you upload videos to turn them into shareable GIFs.


Top meme community Imgur has its own GIF maker and library.

You can browse their selection and download any you like right to your Android device pretty easily.

How to Save GIFs in Specific Android Apps

Facebook Messenger

To save GIFs from Facebook Messenger chats:

  1. Long press the GIF to select it
  2. Tap the download icon in the top right
  3. The GIF will be saved to your camera roll


WhatsApp also lets you save received GIFs:

  1. Tap and hold the GIF to select it
  2. Tap the Save icon (download arrow)
  3. The GIF will be saved to your Photos app

Pro Tip – Organize Your Saved GIF Collection

To avoid clutter and easily find all your favorite saved GIF reactions, you can create a dedicated GIF album in your Android’s photo gallery.

Just tap and hold any saved GIFs, select “Add to album” and choose “New album” to keep them organized in one place.

GIF Saving Troubleshooting

If you are having issues getting an option to save GIFs from certain apps or sources, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Update the app – There may be a new version with better GIF support
  • Use a third-party Android app like GIPHY instead
  • Screen record the GIF and then convert the video to a GIF with an app
  • On mobile sites, try opening it in your browser instead of the app

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are saved GIFs stored on Android?

By default, any GIFs you save will go into your Photos app under the Saved Pictures folder or into a GIF album if you created one.

Can you save GIFs to an external SD card on Android?

Yes, in your camera settings, you can change the storage location to save photos and videos to either internal device storage or an external SD card if you have one.

Why can’t I save GIFs on Android?

Some common issues that prevent saving GIFs include outdated apps lacking support, buggy Android OS software, incorrect photo app permissions disabled, or low device storage space.

Saving great GIFs to reuse or share later is handy. We hope these Android tips help you easily download any fun GIFs you find to your phone or tablet galleries.

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