How to Text More Than One Person on Android

Learn How to Text More Than One Person on Android in easy steps.

Ways to Group Text on Android

Texting multiple people at once on Android phones is easy with the right apps and messaging services.

Here are some of the top ways to group text on Android:

Use Android’s Built-In Messaging App

Android’s default messaging app has a group messaging feature that lets you text multiple contacts at once. To use it:

  1. Open the Messaging app and tap the 3-dot menu icon in the top right
  2. Tap “New group”
  3. Select the contacts you want to message
  4. Name the group and tap “OK”

You can now text everyone in the group conversation. All replies will be seen by the entire group.

Try a Group Messaging App

There are lots of apps made specifically for group texting. Popular options include GroupMe, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal. These apps have features like:

  • Create open groups or private chats
  • See who has read each message
  • Share photos, videos, documents
  • Set up events and calendars

Group messaging apps provide more features beyond basic group texts.

Use Social Media Messaging

Many social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Snapchat allow group messaging. If you and your friends are already on one of these social networks, you can easily chat in a group.

SMS vs Internet-Based Messaging

When considering group texting apps, there are two main types:

SMS Text Messaging

SMS (short message service) is basic cellular text messaging over your phone carrier network. The built-in Android Messages app uses SMS. Pros:

  • Uses your current phone number and contacts
  • No need for separate accounts
  • Works for recipients without data or the app


  • Size limits on messages and group chats
  • No extra features like read receipts

Internet-Based Messaging

Apps like WhatsApp use your phone’s Internet connection instead of SMS. Pros:

  • Feature-rich apps with lots of options
  • Send high-quality photos, videos, and files
  • See when messages are read
  • Works internationally


  • Requires all users to have the app installed
  • Uses data instead of SMS

Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to getting started with group texts on Android:

  1. Choose a group messaging app – either use the built-in Android app or download a third-party option like WhatsApp.
  2. Create a group chat by selecting the contacts you want to include.
  3. Type and send your first group message!
  4. The recipients will receive it as a group conversation.
  5. They can reply and all messages will be visible to everyone in the group.

It’s easy to have group conversations on Android. Give it a try with your friends, family, or work teams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add or remove people from a group text?

Yes, on most messaging apps you can edit the group participants at any time. Just open the group chat and look for an Add Member or Edit Group option.

What’s the limit on Android group text size?

The maximum size varies by app. SMS group messages may be limited to 10 or 20 participants, depending on your carrier. Internet-based apps like WhatsApp can support up to 256 participants in a single group.

Will group messages use my SMS text limits?

Messages sent in the built-in Android app will count against your monthly SMS text limits. Internet-based messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram use data rather than SMS, so they don’t impact your text limits.

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