How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone Android

When getting a new Android phone, you’ll likely want to transfer all your data from your old device, including your text messages.

Thankfully, transferring text messages between Android phones is easy with the right apps and tools.

Use Android’s Built-in Backup and Restore

If both your old and new phones run Android Marshmallow or newer, you can use Android’s built-in backup and restore process:

  1. On your old phone, go to Settings > System > Backup and tap Back up to Google Drive.
  2. On your new phone, log into the same Google account and during setup it will restore apps, settings, and SMS messages.

Use a Transfer Cable

Another option is to use a transfer cable to connect your old and new Android phones and transfer data directly between them.

  1. Connect your phones with the transfer cable.
  2. On the new phone, open Smart Switch and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. Select the data like text messages you want to transfer.
  4. Confirm the transfer on both phones.

Use a Cloud Service

You can also backup your text messages to a cloud service like Google Drive from your old phone, and then restore them to your new phone.

  1. On your old phone, backup messages to Google Drive.
  2. On your new phone, restore messages from Drive during setup.

Use Third-Party Apps

If the above options don’t work, you can use apps like SMS Backup & Restore or SyncMe to wirelessly transfer SMS messages between devices.


  • Easy process if both phones use Android 6.0 or above.
  • Doesn’t require any extra equipment.
  • Syncs all text messages seamlessly.


  • Older Android versions may not support built-in transfer.
  • Transfer cables not always included with new phones.
  • Third-party apps may have bugs or ads.


How do I backup text messages to Google Drive?

Open your Android’s Settings app. Go to System > Backup. Turn on Back up to Google Drive. Check that Messages is included in the list of apps being backed up. Tap Back up now.

Will I lose text messages when switching phones?

You can transfer and backup your text messages when switching Android phones so you do not lose any messages. Be sure to complete the transfer or backup before setting up your new phone.

Can I transfer texts from Android to iPhone?

There is no direct method to transfer texts from an Android phone to an iPhone. You will need to backup your texts on your Android, then restore them to an app like WhatsApp or Google Voice on your iPhone.

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