How to Disable Message Blocking on Android

Has your Android phone been blocking messages from certain contacts? Message blocking can be useful to stop spam or harassment, but sometimes you may want to disable it and allow messages from all senders again.

Here is a guide on how to disable message blocking on Android.

Steps to Disable Message Blocking

Follow these steps to disable blocking and allow all messages on your Android phone:

Open Messaging App Settings

Open the Messaging or Messages app on your phone and go into the app settings. There should be a Settings or Options menu accessible from the app’s main screen.

Go to Blocking Settings

From the Messaging app settings, look for an option named Blocked, Blocking, Spam Protection, or something similar. Tap on this option.

Unblock Contacts

You will see a list of all blocked contacts and numbers here. Tap on each one and select Unblock to remove them from the blocked list.

Disable Blocking

Once all contacts are unblocked, look for a setting to disable blocking altogether. It may be a simple on/off toggle. Turn blocking off or disable it.

Message blocking is now disabled on your Android. You should start receiving messages from all senders again.


Why am I not getting messages from certain people?

If you are missing messages from some contacts, it is likely because you have message blocking enabled and those senders are on your block list. Follow the steps above to unblock contacts and disable message blocking.

Pros of Disabling Message Blocking

  • Receive messages from all your contacts
  • Avoid missing important messages
  • No longer have to manage block list

Cons of Disabling Message Blocking

  • May receive unwanted spam messages
  • Harassing contacts can message you again

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